Am I a Golf Nut?

Some people would call me a golf nut!  So what if I love to hit hundreds of balls a week?  Or spend the equivalent of a work week at the golf course?  Worse yet spend thousands of $$$$$ every year on this obsessive sport.   Don’t be so Judgy!!

Anybody who loves golf knows what I mean… we live for golf and will do anything to play and beat the brains out of golf pals.  There are few things better than getting the upper hand on a skins match.  Taking home $1 or $10 it doesn’t matter as long as you are the one getting the coin just off of the 18th green or at the 19th hole having your favorite golf enhancing beverage.

Golf Phoenix?

If you live in a country where the golf season is only 6 months long than traveling to a great place like Arizona during the winter can help you get that golf fix.   Spruce Grove, Alberta in Canada is where I call home, and I am a member at the beautiful Links Golf Course.    During the winter my family and I travel to Arizona to get away from the snow where I rent golf clubs from Rent My Clubs in Phoenix.

My wife who cheekily refers to herself as a “golf widow” seems to think golf isn’t so bad when it includes a stay in Scottdale…my way of convincing her that we should head south.   Arizona is a playground for all types of adventures let alone the amazing golf.   Definitely my #1 pick for a great family vacation and golf trip with the boys.

Golf Can Hurt?  Does Exercise Help?

One of the biggest problems I have with my addiction to golf are all the Aches and Pains that come with it.  Do you love golf so much that pain will not stop you from golfing no matter what?  When I was younger I spent a lot more time in the gym or running, not so much now.    I knew with all this pain and less exercise I needed to find ways to support my golf and health.

What exercises can you do that will help you with Golf?

Below in no particular order are very simple exercises that can start you off to a great day and round of golf.  Keeping things simple and easy makes it easy to do these each day at home in the morning.

Step 1:  Choose Any 3 Exercises

Step 2:  Do 12 to 15 repetitions of the 3 exercises then take a 1 to 2-minute rest and drink.

Step 3:  Repeat Step 2 at least 2 or 3 more times depending on your motivation and energy.

This is so simple, short, and easy – you can’t help but build great habits in the morning.   Pick any combination of these great exercises from Men’s Health Magazine and you will be on your way to feel and play better.