Do You Love Google?

Isn’t it amazing how much has changed in the past 10 years?  

Believe it or not the IPAD made it’s debut less than 10 years ago…

Did you know the first IPADs were released in China in September of 2010?  Well at least this is what Google told me when I asked her on my google phone.

Google’s voice is so provocative and positive.   One of my favorite things to do is ask: “hey Google do you like me?” and she responds with “Yes☺” , “A thousand times Yes! ☺”   

This is a great way to get some laughs from your friends and coworkers. My boys love to ask google questions on my phone. This little trick is always good for a laugh!

For my kids having an IPAD is just normal, for us older folk we were lucky to be able to use a computer in school.  I hope I am not dating myself by admitting to this.

I am guessing if you are anything like me one of the first things you do when you are not sure of something – you GOOGLE IT.  I love GOOGLE! I have yet to meet someone who has said “I hate google!”

My hope is that you find at least one tip below that will help you improve your golf game.  These suggestions are easy to implement and should help you become a better golfer.

#1 Search Google or You Tube for Golf Swings of the Pros

If you live in a colder climate and can’t golf because it’s winter search google for golf swings of famous golfers.  There are literally thousands of different videos of every golf swing you can imagine.

Whether you type in the search bar or ask google something as simple as “Tiger Woods Golf Swing”, videos will pop up immediately.   

Hundreds of options are presented like:  how to swing like tiger – tiger woods golf swing 2013- tiger woods golf swing slow motion – and on and on.   You could easily find your way down a rabbit hole and watching cool videos for the next couple of hours.

Please don’t go down that rabbit hole and watch videos all day long.   

What I found really helped me improve my golf swing was to get a more focused search of professional golfers and their golf swing videos.   

Key Tip 1:  Focus on finding videos with the following criteria:

  • Choose a Golfer with a similar build as you so you can see if you can make some similar moves as them    
  • Specify 120 fps (frames per second) face on view in your search this will generally get you short videos that are to the point and you can easily stop and start to check some key points
  • Google “golf swing hands at impact close up” – it’s amazing how much you can learn from seeing what the best golfers are doing with their hands at impact.

I hate to admit this but I often search Patrick Reed’s golf swing because I have similar build to him.  This comes up using “Patrick Reed Golf Swing 120 fps” Enjoy!

See Patrick Swing Here!

#2 Search:       Google Some Breathing or Mindfulness Techniques

This next search is simple and will help you with your golf game and other aspects of life.  

At my boys’ school division there is a team dedicated to wellness. The children that attend this school division have statistically good marks and come from relatively good backgrounds, but survey results showed these same kids had high anxiety compared to other peers in other areas.  

You may be wondering what does this have to do with golf?   

In this case, when our students used breathing techniques and mindfulness they performed better in stressful situations.  Lord knows golf can be both stressful and exhilarating.

Whether your happily hacking your way around the course or a touring professional, there are many times when the occasional golf shot causes stress.

From personal experience, this maybe a bit of an understatement – I have been known to have the odd temper tantrum on the courses. Damn Shot!

Have you have ever had 3 or 4 good holes in a row and get excited only to blow the next few?  This would be a good time for some breathing techniques to clear your mind.

One thing I learned from the book Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown was that breathing through your nose was much better than breathing through your mouth, and some amazing techniques to develop breathing endurance.  

Key Tip 2:  When you are feeling stressed inhale-breathe out-and hold your breath until the urge to breathe starts to get intense then breathe normally.  This will relax you and calm the beast that is your mind!

#3 Search:      Google for a portable CPAP machine

On recent camping and fishing trip with the boys my buddy Tom was telling me that 3 out of the 4 guys were more concerned about getting batteries for their CPAP machines than being sure they had booze.  

My….how times have changed! What does CPAP stand for, you might ask? Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.  

A CPAP is a machine that attaches to a hose and mouth piece that pressures air to your lungs continuously.   It is used for people who have sleep apnea.   Sleep apnea occurs when the throat muscles relax and this limits continuous breathing. Snoring can be a mild symptom of sleep apnea.

Key Tip 3: Maybe check with your Dr. to see if CPAP machine may improve your sleep. Trust me if you are well rested, you always play better golf.


A few times a year I meet up with my buddy for a round of golf at his local course.  It’s a great course just in Western Canada in the foothills just east of the Majestic Canadian Rockies.   By the way if you have never played in Kananaskis or Canmore, there are some unbelievable golf courses.  

My favorite course by far is Silver Tip in Canmore – this place is absolutely breath taking.  Even if you don’t golf, go up there and take a walk or eat right at the course on the patio facing the mountain.  One of the nicest places on the planet, bar none!

I digress…my point here was at my buddy’s course most of the members walk and rounds are kept to 4 hours or less.   In this case, I suggest as a member’s guest it is probably best not to take the golf cart but opt for the push cart instead.

The 2 dudes in the picture both prefer their own push carts – one uses a Click Gear Cart and the other is a Sun Mountain Cart.  I owned a Sun Mountain but the Click Gear looks better, is lighter, and folds into the smallest size in the golf push cart market.

Key Tip 4: To get the most exercise walk while pushing a cart, this burns a whopping 800 plus calories for 18 holes! Choosing to walk burns about twice as many calories than taking a cart, depending how hilly a course would be.   The more exercise you get the longer you can walk and drive that ball. Getting more distance is like searching for the Holy Grail so every bit helps.


There are so many different exercises we can do with a couple dumbbells.  There are a lot of different videos out there,  Spend 10 to 20 minutes a day doing these exercises and you feel like the Puma on Ricky Fowler’s garb.

This video in this article offers so much flexibility you will be able find the combination of fundamental exercises that will help you pound the ball like Happy Gilmore and feel great.   

I must admit I don’t love to work out a long time so instead I spend 15 minutes every morning doing at least 2 exercises and more often 3. I do my best not to miss a day, if I happen to skip a day my body lets me know.  Keep it simple and easy and you will be amazed at the new habits you develop.

Key Tip 5:  Find 5 to 10 exercises that use a couple 15lb dumbbells that you can do easily for 12 repetitions.    My regiment includes 1 exercise that includes my arms and legs for 12 to 15 reps – followed by 2 other exercises that are even simpler.  I repeat this pattern 3 or 4 times and it takes less than 20 minutes. Sometimes you may not be motivated – when this happens, start with a simple exercise like an arm curl or shoulder press.  Say to yourself doing a few of these is better than nothingthis seems to inspire me and I always feel better when I do them.


Using google to search some cool golf stuff can be fun and time consuming.  Ultimately I hope these tips make your golf and life better. Everyone wants more distance, flexibility, strength, time, and energy so take action and try a few of these tips.