About Us

A1blades is a website for golf enthusiasts of all types.  Our goal is to showcase simple products, services, and advice that can help your golf life.   Golf comes with great views enjoy them!

Golf is a game for all ages, and if you play golf then you are on the quest for lower scores?  Is your goal  to break 100, 90, 80, or shoot par?  Statistically speaking only 5 % of golfers break 80 and less than 1% will ever shoot par.   So if you regularly score 80 or above you may fit in the above average category of golfers.

Is Golf Hard To Play?

Have you ever heard “Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect”?  This idea comes from Dr. Bob Rotella.   Golf requires patience, persistence, and putting.   In this famous book Dr. Bob shares stories and advice that will help any golfer.

Most major cities and small towns in the United States and Canada have golf courses and practice facilities.  Golf can be cost effective or very expensive depending on the choices you make.  A1blades will help you cut costs to make golf more affordable.

Arizona In The Winter

If you live in a country where the golf season is only 6 months long then traveling to a great place like Arizona during the winter can help you get that golf fix.   Spruce Grove, Alberta in Canada is where we call home.  The Links is the 2nd home to many.    During the winter my family travels to Arizona to get away from the snow where we rent golf clubs from rentmyclubs in Phoenix.

My wife who cheekily refers to herself as a “golf widow” seems to think golf isn’t so bad when it includes a stay in Scottdale…my way of convincing her that we should head south.   Arizona is a playground for all types of adventures let alone the amazing golf.  Arizona is A1 on our list!

Can A1BLADES help me with my golf aches and pains?

Golf is great for exercise and access to the outdoors!  A good golf swing requires balance, flexibility, and acceleration.  No wonder the average golf score is above 90…

The walking and sunshine are wonderful, but what about all the aches and pains related to golf.   At A1blades we will put you in touch with amazing products and services (you may not know even exist).  Our top choices are tried and proven to help you feel and golf better.  One of the most amazing discoveries for foot, back, and joint pain are these massaging insoles.  Get a pair you won’t regret it!

A1blades will review, show, and explain all types of remedies and exercises to elevate your golf game.  If wellness is important to you A1blades can point you in the right direction.

Does A1blades Sell Golf Products?

Generally A1blades does not sell golf products.  A1blades recommends products, shops, and services that we have used ourselves and believe would benefit you!  We want to trim the time you spend searching for golf stuff and shave a few strokes off your scores at the same time.

How Can A1blades Help Snowbirds?

The team members at A1blades are all golfers, travel to Arizona regularly, and come from cooler climates where golf courses are closed during the winter.   We share our experience so you can slash your way to better golf adventures.    A great way to slice away the pain of dragging your golf clubs to Phoenix would be to rentmyclubs in Scottsdale.   The prices are great and the service is top notch!