Can Insoles Help My Feet?

One thing I discovered a couple of years ago that changed my life were massaging insoles… 

I did all the reading about Plantar Fasciitis and tried all kinds of different products. Nothing seemed to help my feet and pains more than buying a pair of these massaging insoles.  

Golfing and Walking became pain free! laughing  

My buddy is a runner and his buddy golfs, and they swear by these remarkable insoles.  Imagine your feet  getting a massage while you are walking, running or golfing. See what they have to say.  Reward yourself and get a pair of these amazing insoles!


These massaging insoles solved some common foot issues associated with running.  These have allowed me to love running again.

Mike Paonessa

Avid Runner

I bought these at a trade show and liked them!

Dan Briner

Motorbike Enthusiast

These insoles are really good!  They sure help the feet.

Jason Altmiks

City Police

These provide an additional level of comfort and support while playing on the golf courses.

Jamie Ewatski

Retired Golfer and Jogger

What is a solution for foot pain?

If you have been looking for pain relief for a long time give these a go.  For less than $50 you can’t go wrong…

Whether you use them for golf, running or whatever these will help you feel and play better while prolonging the life of you and your shoes.   

Buy a pair or two!