Should I rent golf clubs instead?

Whether you are an avid golfer or weekend warrior, taking your golf clubs on the plane is simply brutal.

Come on – do you really love your clubs that much?  Think about all the extra steps and effort it takes to bring your golf clubs on a golf trip or a family vacation.

Are you done thinking?  Well I bet you missed a step or two, so let me recap for you:


Front Nine

Step 1: Clean your clubs

Step 2: Find that damn cover for your bag (where is that btw???)

Step 3: Purchase an extra bag just for travel (these are not cheap)

Step 4: Awkwardly load your clubs in that bag only to find out it may be too short

Step 5: Drag/Roll your clubs to your vehicle – this will depend on the quality of your travel bag

Step 6: Lift this 40 lb + beast of clubs into your vehicle – I sure hope you don’t drive an Austin Mini like my golf buddy does

Step 7: Drive the clubs to the airport – not sure if I should count this step as you are driving anyways

Step 8: Unload your behemoth golf travel bag from your vehicle and drag them onto a bus or through a parking lot

Step 9: Find a plane ticket kiosk all while pulling this golf monstrosity by your side.   It will tip at least once!

By Now Your Feet Are Hurting For Sure!

Not only does your neck hurt by now but so do your feet!  One thing I discovered a couple of years ago that changed my life were massaging insoles.  I read about Plantar Fasciitis and tried all kinds of different products.  Nothing seemed to help my feet and pains more than buying a pair of these massaging insoles.   Golfing and Walking became pain free!   My buddy is a runner and his buddy golfs and they swear by these remarkable insoles.  Imagine your feet are getting a massage while you are walking, running or golfing.  Think of yourself for once and get a pair of these amazing insoles. smile

Back 9

Step 10: Get a boarding pass while keeping an eye on that giant golf bag – honestly, is anybody really thinking about stealing them???

Step 11:  Go to the front counter to pay at least $30 (each way!!) so you can tag that huge golf travel bag

Step 12:  Wait in a special line for everyone who travel with  enormous golf travel bags

Step 13:  Lift your ginormous golf travel bag onto the special conveyer belt for (those) who choose to take their own golf clubs on a trip.  Are your hands and back sore yet?

You are on the plane now (imagine your favorite music) while you relax and anticipate your upcoming trip and golf game … Ok the plan ride is over – let us continue this torture.

Step 14: Go to the special oversized luggage area only to wait some more to pick up your mammoth golf travel bag

Step 15: (applies only if you rent a car) drag/roll your colossal golf travel bag to your rental car and shove it in the trunk

Step 16: Load your mammoth set of clubs into the car – I hope you aren’t travelling with your weekend foursome unless you rented a suburban

Step 17: Unload your monumental package from the rental car and into your hotel or vacation rental home

Step 18: Remove your prized golf tools from their protective cover

18 steps to bring your own clubs on a plane – Just like a round of golf 18 holes of frustration for a moment of glory when you hit that amazing shot.

(thinking out loud) THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!

There are definitely other ways – I want you to be sure they are actually better.   I am going to simplify this for you.

Should I Rent Golf Clubs From at the Golf Course $$$$?

My experience with this approach has been awful.  Some golf courses simply don’t have rental clubs, others rent clubs your grandfather may have used, and most of them have nice golf club rentals but charge more than $40/day.  Here are some costs in Phoenix/Scottsdale:

To me this is the worst option – I would rather the 18 step insanity.

Should I Ship My Golf Clubs Using Fed Ex or Ship Sticks for $119 for 2 day shipping Plus Packaging?

I tried this once and realized quickly that this was riddled with its own chaos.  I went online and booked Ship Sticks at a cost of $39.99 one way from Phoenix AZ to Lake Havasu City also in AZ.

Like most people, I skimmed through the instructions and when the driver came to pick up my golf clubs for shipment, I didn’t have them in a box like they expected.

Where do you find a box that size on short notice?

The driver left and I had to wait until the next day to ship the clubs.

After all this, it cost me over $80 US – not to mention the box (that’s a lot for Canadians EH!), but that’s a discussion for another time.

To me this option sucks as well!  Again the 18 steps trumps Ship Sticks or Fed Ex

Should I Rent Golf Clubs From A Company That Delivers Great Service and Golf Clubs To You In the Desert?

For those of you who love Arizona golf and weather like I do, there are great companies like rentmyclubs in Phoenix and in other golf destinations that offer amazing prices and services.

For $289 for you get 4 sets of clubs delivered and picked up from your choice of locations and you get to rent the golf clubs for 4 days.  Also included are some balls, tees, markers, and a towel.  This is simply awesome!

I may be biased but my recommendation to save your back, time, and money is to use a company like this in Phoenix.  Who knows? They may even let you rent, then buy an awesome set of clubs

Please let me know what you think of my recommendation!