Why Are Some Golf Clubs So Expensive?

If you are a golfer then you love golf clubs.   Some of the big hitters out there are Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, and now the exclusive PXG.   PXG claims their clubs are unmatched even by the most reputable brands.   Their clubs have a Precision Weighting System giving them an interesting look for sure.

Callaway has the new Rogue models and TaylorMade the M family.   Take a seat when checking out the prices for these models.   These manufacturers claim they spend millions to design and build new models every year.

There are no hold’s barred when it comes to marketing expenses for sure!   Just look at the walking bill boards representing TaylorMade during any golf telecast.

Would the Average Golfer Buy These Top Model Golf Clubs?

Hell Ya!  I lived in Japan for a year and it blew my mind how many people were carrying hand bags worth thousands of dollars.  Not to mention the Rolex watches.  Let’s face it material things can define us!  A hand bag has a definite function-to carry our stuff around.   Whether you purchase a leather bag from Walmart for $40 or a Prada Saffiano Nero for thousands, they both carry our valuables just fine.

We all love the thought of owning expensive things.  Shopping and buying shiny new golf clubs is fun!  If you golf and demand exclusive golf clubs, the major brands will design and sell them to you.   My personal favorites are Callaway, TaylorMade, and Scotty Cameron.   If you buy a new M3 driver and you drive the ball 10 yards longer and straighter-this golf club is priceless.   My local pro uses and promotes Callaway products and claims that the new Rogue Driver is way better than last year’s Epic.  My buddy has the Epic and he crushes it!

Do We Need to Buy the Latest Golf Clubs to Play Our Best?

Unlike PXG the other brands offer different models at all kinds of different prices.   Do these other models not play as well?   I have watched countless videos, read multiple reviews, and personal experience tells me that more affordable golf clubs play just as well.   Being blessed I get to play golf with some great dudes who happen to be golf crazy and like shiny new things.

Anecdotally here are 3 cases I am sure you can relate to:

Case 1: Former Pro Player and Golf Teacher Uses Callaway Stealhead Driver

Don golfs about 3 or 4 times a week during the warmer months.  His set includes Pro Callaway X22 irons (maybe 6 years old), Older Scotty Cameron Putter, and an early 2000s Callaway Stealhead driver.   This driver is half the size of today’s behemoths and he pounds it!   Don knows his golf and has connections in the industry.  He has tried other drivers but swears by this one and his game backs it up.  He is a scratch golfer.

Case 2: Ping G25 Corrects Slice for an Average 18 Handicap Golfer

Marco recently golfed 10 days in a row at his local golf course using new to him Ping G25 driver.  His set includes vintage Callaway Big Bertha Irons, Callaway Putter, and now the Ping Driver.   Marco was loyal to his Callaways, but he kept slicing all the different Callaways he owned.  He went to Golf Traders (new and used golf shop) in Calgary, Canada and tried multiple different drivers on launch monitors in the store.   With the help of the patient Golf Traders employee he settled on a G25, 12 degree driver that looked like it had been hit hundreds of times.  This was the ticket, it tamed his slice.  I tried this older model driver on the range it was awesome.  I need one for myself.

Case 3: Golfer Shoots 12 Straight Rounds in the 70s with the M2 Driver

Phil is an avid golfer and plays at least 80 rounds a year.  His set includes TaylorMade RSI irons, Ping Craz-e Putter, and his newer TaylorMade M2 driver.  Phil is an avid hockey player and shoots and plays golf left handed and likes to try new golf gear.  Prior to his M2 he played a TaylorMade M1 which split fairways with all round long.    Personally I thought he was Craz-e (pardon the pun) when he went out and paid 500 bucks for his new 2017 M2 driver.    I watched him gain about 15 yards off the tee and shoot 12 straight rounds in the 70s.  Phil on average shoots just above 80 on 18 holes so to shot 12 straight scores in the 70s is amazing.

So Are the Newest Golf Clubs Worth the Money?

Most of the Golf Club Manufacturers have been in the business for decades.  There are countless articles and pundits that will say that golf club technology has peaked.  Like anything else golf clubs are a personal preference based on loyalty and performance.    The difference in technology from one year to the next is probably marginal.  In MHO (my humble opinion) play the clubs you like and have some fun trying some new weapons.    Just keep the trusty older models around in case the new buys let you down.  There is always Ebay, Craigslist, or Kijiji if you need to off load that newer model.  Some simple exercises are sure to help as much or more.

Please share any cases you have with me regarding your golf club experiences.  Hope your next round is a great one!